Mercedes VIP Sprinter

Mercedes Vip Sprinter

An original Mercedes VIP Sprinter has been brought to life by converting it into an oozing space of luxury and tranquility. The Mercedes VIP Sprinter can accommodate up to 8 passengers comfortably and offers a discreet and extensive space, perfect for small groups travelling to events, work trips, or celebrities.

The modern and impeccable fleet we operate sets us apart from the rest. In our extensive fleet of vehicles, our Mercedes VIP Sprinter plays an important role. All sorts of transportation requirements can be satisfied with such a versatile vehicle. A weekend getaway that is quick and casual is a source of ease for people planning their weekend getaways. It can be a source of coziness for folks who are going to istanbul airports from their hotel. Are you supposed to attend a business event? Our Mercedes Sprinters will work like a charm if you need to get to airport transfer that’s more than an hour away from home. These vehicles offer more than enough room for a group of 8 individuals, which can make them a perfect choice for groups.

Luxury Mercedes Vip Sprinter

Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday celebration, or an upcoming event, arrange for a luxury chauffeur experience, and you can let your Luxury Mercedes VIP Sprinter chauffeur take care of all the details and transportation. Mercedes VIP Sprinters provide the perfect combination of luxury and convenience for people who want to enjoy relaxing, socializing and catching up on their work.

Almost anywhere in the Istanbul is accessible thanks to the powerful presence of the vehicle and its well-protected interior. This is ideal for families or groups looking for luxury airport transfers or wedding guest transportation.

Passangers: 8

Bagages: 8


Mercedes Vip Sprinter Travel has a variety of equipment as standard to enhance your journey: coach-style adjustable seats, integrated air conditioning, spacious luggage racks and service consoles with reading lights, air vents with individual settings and loud speakers. Mercedes Vip Sprinter will fit 8 passengers and 8 large bags.